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What Counts as Illegally Obtained Evidence?

Understanding Your Rights in a Criminal Case Based on Illegally Obtained Evidence In a criminal case, evidence must be lawfully obtained to be admissible. Generally, illegally obtained evidence cannot be used against you in a court of law. While there are some exceptions, a qualified defense attorney can argue against any evidence that was obtained […]

Texas Drug Possession: What Are the Penalties?

Criminal Consequences for Possessing Illegal Drugs in Texas The unlawful possession of a controlled substance carries significant penalties in the state of Texas. In many cases, you can face jail or prison time upon conviction. If you are arrested for drug possession, you need an attorney. Do not face the criminal justice system alone. You […]

How Do I Get My Case Dismissed?

Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Is the Best Way to Get Your Case Dismissed When most people think about criminal cases, they think about the fictionalized version shown on tv dramas. They envision a courtroom filled with suspense as the jury announces their verdict.  In reality, few criminal cases ever go to trial. The […]

What Happens If I Get Caught with Drugs in My Car?

Potential Penalties of Drug Possession in Texas You could face severe penalties if drugs are found in a vehicle that you are a passenger in or are driving. The best way to protect yourself from serious consequences is to never consent to a search by law enforcement officers and always retain an attorney after an […]

Can I Record the Police?

Your Right to Take Photos or Video of Police in Texas It is your right to take pictures and videos on public property, but what about when there is police activity? Do you have the right to film police during an arrest? Can the police confiscate your phone or camera? All of these are valid […]

What is the Good Samaritan Law in Texas?

How Texas Protects Individuals Who Render Aid During an Emergency In an effort to encourage individuals to offer aid in an emergency situation or after an accident, Texas codified a “good samaritan.” Under most circumstances, the Good Samaritan law shields individuals who administer emergency care in good faith from civil liability.  If you rendered aid […]

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We Defend Victims of Sexual Assault

What To Do After a Sexual Assault and How to Seek Justice  The severe mental, emotional, and physical trauma caused by a sexual assault can leave victims struggling to recover. The process of healing from the trauma can be long and challenging, but you don’t have to go through this alone.  At Maverick Ray & […]

Black History Month and Inequality in the Justice System

Black History Month honors the fight for justice and equality for African Americans. It celebrates the countless achievements of black Americans and recognizes their central role in our country’s history.  Although Black History Month is a time for us to reflect on our progress in achieving equality and justice for all Americans, we must not […]

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The Dopest Lawyer’s Guide to Car Accidents

Driving on Houston roadways can be risky. Whenever you are in a vehicle, you face the possibility of getting into a serious auto accident. Whether it is a minor “fender bender” or a high-impact collision, knowing what to do afterward will help you avoid worse injuries and protect your rights.  At Maverick Ray & Associates, […]