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Is it Illegal to Feed The Homeless in Houston?

Houston Police Enforce Decade-old Charitable Feeding Ordinance Several charitable organizations, including Food Not Bombs, say they won’t stop feeding Houston’s homeless community despite being warned by law enforcement to stop. Shere Dore, a member of the collective of independent volunteers, believes the sudden enforcement of the decade-old ordinance is part of an effort to revitalize […]

Defending Doctors and Patients Against Illegal Abortion Charges

In Texas, Performing an Abortion Is Now a Felony Punishable by up to Life in Prison  On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in which the court held that the U.S. Constitution does not confer the right to abortion. This decision […]

Texas Doesn't Test Hemp/CBD for THC Content

by Maverick Ray & Associates'April 27, 2023'
Lack of Funding Means No DPS Testing for Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases In 2020, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced that it would not have the capacity to accept and test misdemeanor marijuana cases. The Department had reportedly asked for additional funding to allow them to test for THC to determine whether the substance qualified […]

Obstacles to Filing a Civil Suit Against the Police

Understanding Your Rights If You Were the Victim of Police Misconduct If you were the victim of police misconduct or brutality you might be entitled to compensation, however, it can be challenging to sue the police. There are often several obstacles to filing a civil lawsuit against a police department. The best way to ensure […]

Have I Been a Victim of Police Brutality?

What You Need to Know About Police Misconduct Far too many people are hurt or killed by police brutality each year. But if you suffer harm due to a police officer you may not know whether you have a valid claim for misconduct against a law enforcement agency. To determine if you have been a […]

What Happens If You Refuse a Breathalyzer in Texas?

by Maverick Ray & Associates'March 30, 2023'
What You Need to Know About a DWI Chemical Test Refusal In Texas, it is unlawful to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. If a law enforcement officer believes that you are driving while intoxicated they may place you under arrest and require you to take a chemical breath or blood test. […]

What If I Accidentally Bring a Gun to the Airport?

by Maverick Ray & Associates'March 22, 2023'
Understanding Your Rights After an Arrest for Unlawfully Transporting a Firearm Thousands of firearms are discovered at airport security checkpoints each year. It is not uncommon for passengers to forget that they have a gun in their luggage. Unfortunately, you could face serious criminal penalties for bringing a loaded gun to a prohibited area. If […]

Can a Drug Dog Provide Probable Cause in Texas?

by Maverick Ray & Associates'March 14, 2023'
Understanding Your Rights When It Comes to a Drug Dog Search If you go to the airport or a train station, you may see an officer escorting a police dog around. The K-9 is likely on duty, sniffing for illegal substances. The dog will alert the handler if they detect drugs or other unlawful things […]

How Common Are False Murder Charges?

by Maverick Ray & Associates'March 14, 2023'
What You Need to Know About Wrongful Murder Convictions Murder is the most serious crime, punishable by life in prison or death depending on the state and the circumstances of the case. Despite the life-altering consequences of a conviction, false murder charges still happen. Even the accusation of murder can ruin a person’s career, reputation, […]

Determining Who Was the Aggressor in an Assault Case

When Is It Considered Assault v. Self-Defense? If you intentionally cause someone physical harm or threaten them with injury, you might be facing assault charges. However, in some cases, people are wrongfully accused of assault when they were, in fact, acting in self-defense. Self-defense is a legal argument that should be handled by an experienced […]
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