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When you are arrested or charged with a crime, you can feel like your whole life is falling apart. It can affect your work, your relationships, and ultimately your freedom. With this much at stake, you need aggressive, experienced representation you can trust.

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we fight for people who have been accused of a crime. Maverick Ray, the dopest lawyer, is known for his relentless advocacy on behalf of clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that every case is investigated and that the most favorable disposition possible is worked out. If you have been charged or arrested in Houston, contact our office at (281) 947-1000 for a free consultation.

What to Do If You Have Been Arrested

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a crime, you need to contact a Houston criminal defense attorney immediately. It is important to remember that just because you are accused of a crime does not mean that you will be convicted. You have the right to an attorney, and you should exercise that right.

Do not make the mistake of talking to the police. Your words can and will be used against you. Make the first call the right call by contacting Maverick Ray & Associates. Our Houston criminal defense attorneys can help guide you through the legal process and fight the charges against you. Get the experienced representation you need when your freedom is on the line. Contact our office now to discuss your rights.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we handle misdemeanor and felony cases. Our Houston criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in even the most complex matters. Remember, it is never too early to contact our office. We may be able to help intervene before your first court appearance.

Our skilled legal team can help defend against:


In Harris County, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is heavily prosecuted. It can cost you your driving privileges and your reputation. We fight to protect your rights and keep your license.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes, including sexual assault, solicitation, and indecency, can all carry serious consequences. Depending on the charges, a conviction may require incarceration and registration as a sex offender. When the stakes are this high, you cannot afford to lose.

Drug Crimes

Drug offenses are one of the most commonly charged crimes in the state of Texas. Whether you have been charged with possession, manufacturing, trafficking, or distribution, we can help. Do not wait; get the aggressive representation you need now.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are serious offenses that include murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and weapons charges. Without the help of a skilled defense attorney, you could end up facing years behind bars after conviction. 


If you are charged with theft or robbery, you need a dedicated defense attorney that will investigate your case and build a strong defense. Even a misdemeanor theft conviction can have long-term consequences. Do not wait; get the help you need today.

Gun Crimes

Despite being known as a firearm-friendly state, Texas strictly prosecutes gun crimes. A violation can cost you your right to possess a firearm. Let our defense attorneys fight for you and defend against gun charges. 

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, and bribery are extremely serious and can carry state and federal charges. You need an attorney with extensive experience defending against these kinds of offenses. You need Maverick Ray & Associates.

Federal Crimes

Many crimes, particularly white-collar crimes, can be charged at the state and federal levels. Federal courts have a different set of rules and require intimate knowledge of federal laws. Our federal defense attorneys know what it takes to handle these cases and win.

Why You Need an Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges, you are up against a prosecutor that has the full force of the state behind them. You have an uphill battle from the start, and without legal counsel, you are unlikely to get off easy. Criminal charges are rarely if ever, automatically reduced or dismissed. A prosecutor will seek for you to serve time if the alleged crime warrants it. Do not go it alone. The stakes are simply too high.

A Houston criminal defense attorney can review and investigate your case to determine if there was police misconduct, constitutional violations, or other problems during the arrest. They can subpoena evidence that you may not even know existed. With that evidence, they can work to build a strong defense and negotiate with the district attorney to achieve a favorable outcome. If a positive disposition cannot be reached, an attorney can set the matter for trial, presenting your case to a jury of your peers.

How to Get Your Case Dismissed

Ways to Get Your Case Dismissed
First, it is essential to remember that only a prosecutor or judge can dismiss your charges. Criminal charges are rarely dismissed for no reason. A prosecutor or judge must be presented with information as to why they should dismiss the charges.

Reasons your case may get dismissed:

Insufficient evidence
Pretrial diversion program
Illegal search and seizure
Lack of probable cause
Exculpatory evidence

To build a defensive case against the charges filed, the main material a criminal defense attorney uses is the Bill of Rights, often more specifically the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. These amendments set in place the legal precedents of modern rights of accused parties. For example, the Fourth Amendment ensures legal protection from unlawful search and seizure, while your Miranda Rights, those constitutional rights that protect you from self-incrimination, are covered in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. By reviewing these rights and applying them to your case, defense attorneys are able to judge whether your charges are legally valid. If not, a criminal defense attorney can successfully lead the case to a mistrial.

If you are charged with a crime, you need to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney. It is never too early to retain an attorney, but it can be too late. If you are only being investigated for a crime, you should still consult with an attorney. Depending on the situation, a knowledgeable lawyer might be able to negotiate a favorable disposition in your case before charges are even filed.

Fighting for Your Freedom

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we believe that everyone deserves a fair trial. We believe in fighting for people’s freedom. The dopest lawyer never gives up. When you need someone to vigorously defend your rights, you need Maverick Ray.

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Were you charged with a crime in Houston or the surrounding areas? Contact our office at (281) 947-2007 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can help you understand your rights and fight the charges against you. Do not trust your freedom to someone who is not willing to go the extra mile for you. Call today to get started.