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Federal Crimes Defense


Federal Crimes Defense Attorney Houston

In Texas, when you face federal crimes, you need an experienced Houston federal crimes defense attorney by your side. While some of these cases are heard in state court, some are filed in the United States federal court. This makes it important to hire someone who understands federal laws thoroughly and can uphold them in all legal proceedings for their clients. Our legal team has years of experience, the necessary skills, as well as helpful resources to assist them in representing individuals like you in Houston, Texas.

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Money Laundering Charges Defense

Money laundering in Houston is considered a white-collar crime. The term involves moving money around through one or multiple relay points to conceal their source or the destination of said funds. This is often used with drug sales or distribution, credit card fraud, embezzlement, and more. Many individuals in and around Houston are charged with money laundering in addition to being prosecuted for a crime where they obtained said money. One of our experienced money laundering charges defense attorney from Maverick Ray & Associates can investigate your case thoroughly to provide you the strong defense you need to fight these hefty charges.

Wire Fraud Charges Defense

Wire fraud includes an intentional act that is done with the intent to deprive a person or business of a service or property with the use of a wire. If you or a loved one have been accused of wire fraud, it’s important that you get help immediately from expert legal counsel who understands the penalties and laws associated with wire fraud in the State of Texas. Our legal team can protect your legal rights every step of the legal process. We have helped individuals like you facing these serious charges to get reduced or dropped charges.

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Once you’ve been charged and arrested with these types of federal crimes, you need to hire a lawyer immediately. These initial days of being accused are important to your defense. Ultimately, the longer that you wait to hire someone, the harder it will be for our legal team to prepare your case in Houston. At Maverick Ray & Associates, we are always ready to protect your legal rights and to answer your questions about the upcoming legal process. We offer free legal consultations for potential clients in and around Houston, Texas. To schedule this consultation with a Houston Federal crimes defense attorney, call our Texas law firm at 281-843-5372.