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Fraud Charges


Houston Fraud Charges Defense Attorney

When it comes to fraud in the State of Texas, it is defined as a deliberate effort to dishonestly obtain someone’s property or services by falsely representing themselves. If you have been charged with a fraud-related crime in or around Houston, you need to consult a Houston fraud charges defense attorney from Maverick Ray & Associates, LLC as soon as you’re charged and arrested. We understand the law regarding fraud charges in the state as well as all federal fraud charges and can represent individuals like you in all court proceedings.

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Hire a Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Credit card fraud includes all crimes involving any fraudulent use of a credit card or a bank or debit card. The most common form of this crime is when someone uses someone else’s number or card to make purchases. This is known as misappropriation. Stealing a credit card, using it without authorization, acquiring a credit card through the mail illegally whether accessing a mailbox or taking it from someone’s home all constitute credit card fraud. Penalties for these crimes in Texas can lead to hefty penalties, making it imperative that you hire expert legal representation soon after facing these charges. Our Houston law firm has years of experience representing those like you who are facing serious criminal fraud offenses. We can investigate your case thoroughly and devise customized defense strategies in order to make your case as strong as possible.

What is an Insurance Fraud Lawyer?

  An insurance fraud lawyer helps those facing insurance fraud charges. This crime is defined by the deception or misinterpretation of insurance (healthcare transactions) for financial gain. This can be committed by an employer, individual or healthcare provider including doctors, billing offices, therapists, and others. Insurance fraud can include billing for services not provided, billing for duplicate payment, falsifying dates and services provided, billing for services not covered by changing their code, and billing for unnecessary services.

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If you or a loved one are facing fraud charges in Texas, you need the help of one of our fraud charges defense attorney at Maverick Ray & Associates. Our experienced legal team can help resolve your case and get you a favorable resolution. We offer free legal consultations where we can learn the details of your charges and answer your questions about them. To learn more and to schedule this important consultation in Houston, call our Texas law firm today at 281-843-5372.