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Have I Been a Victim of Police Brutality?

What You Need to Know About Police Misconduct

Far too many people are hurt or killed by police brutality each year. But if you suffer harm due to a police officer you may not know whether you have a valid claim for misconduct against a law enforcement agency. To determine if you have been a victim of police brutality, you need to speak with an attorney.

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we are well-versed in helping victims of police misconduct. We know how to fight criminal charges and prove police brutality such as the use of excessive force. If you were injured due to an officer’s use of excessive force or another form of misconduct, contact our office at (281) 947-2007 to schedule a free consultation.  

What Is Police Brutality?

Police brutality refers to a wide range of illegal activities carried out by law enforcement officers. In many cases, it comes down to whether the action or use of force was necessary.

Examples of police brutality:

  • Use of excessive force
  • Failing to provide medical care
  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Asphyxiation
  • Deadly conduct
  • Use of a chokehold
  • Unnecessary use of a K-9
  • Intimidation
  • Harassment

If a police officer engaged in abuse or mistreatment, you need to speak to an attorney as quickly as possible. Many times victims of police brutality have been charged with serious crimes. Hiring an attorney as early in the process as possible can help ensure that the officer’s wrongdoing is brought to light. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

It can be challenging to determine if you have a case without the help of a highly qualified attorney. It is believed that many cases of police brutality go unreported. Individuals may be afraid to come forward or may be unsure whether they have a valid case.

An attorney can help you understand your legal options. As your legal representative, they can subpoena evidence including bodycam and dashcam videos to help prove your case. They will also conduct an independent investigation to determine whether the use of force or other actions was reasonable given the circumstances of the arrest. 

How We Can Help

At Maverick Ray & Associates, we have handled multiple police brutality cases. Our firm represented Aundre Howard who was repeatedly hit in the head while handcuffed by an officer with the Houston Police Department. To prove our client’s case we were able to secure bodycam footage of the incident. 

In another case, our lawyers were able to get felony charges filed against Corey Spiller dismissed after the officer’s bodycam video reportedly showed an officer slamming him down on the hood of a patrol car. 

Contact Our Office to Schedule a Free Consultation

Were you or a loved one the victim of police brutality in Houston? Contact our office at (281) 947-2007 to schedule a free consultation.  We will fight for you to receive the justice you deserve. 

Police brutality is surprisingly widespread, affecting thousands of people nationwide. Holding officers accountable is critical to bringing this deadly practice to an end. Call our office now to speak directly with an attorney. All case evaluations are provided at no cost and without obligation to retain our services. 

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