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Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer


Houston Insurance Claim Lawyer

Property Damage Claim Lawyer for Frozen Pipes, Flooding & Storm Damage in Harris County and Beyond

Winter storms can do millions of dollars in damage. They can be even more devastating for areas that are not used to brutal ice and snow. When extreme weather results in extensive property damage, homeowners should be fairly compensated by their insurance provider. Unfortunately, too many companies either downplay or outright reject valid insurance claims.

At Maverick Ray & Associates, our team of experienced Houston property damage claim lawyers will go after insurance companies that are refusing to pay claims. We are skilled litigators that will fight for full and fair compensation for you and your family.

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Common Reasons for Insurance Claim Denials

In order to get full compensation for your property damage after a winter storm, you may need legal representation. Too often, insurance companies refuse to cover losses or limit what they have to payout. 

Common reasons that insurance companies use to deny claims include:

  • Failing to notify the company promptly of damage;
  • Lapse of coverage;
  • Homeowner negligence;
  • Failure to take preventative measures or remediate damage;
  • Fine print exclusions; and
  • Inadequate documentation of the losses.

If you have property damage related to a winter storm, contact our office immediately to speak with a Houston property damage claim lawyer. Our attorneys will help ensure that you get a fair claim settlement that will cover all of your losses.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Contrary to what most people believe, insurance adjusters do not represent you; they are an agent for their company, a for-profit business. You should never have to settle for less than your claim is worth. A Houston insurance claim lawyer can help ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation based on your coverage. 

Insurance claims are ultimately negotiations between the insurer and the homeowner. It is in your best interest to have a highly-qualified negotiator on your side, fighting for your rights, particularly after a catastrophic event such as 2021’s Winter Storm Uri, which left millions of Texans without power or running water and is expected to cost billions in losses.

Types of Property Damage Claims

Winter storms can do large-scale damage to your property. There are numerous types of claims that result from snow and ice storms, below-freezing temperatures, and bitterly cold winter winds.

Types of property damage claims that often arise out of winter storms include:

  • Burst pipes claims
  • Flood damage
  • Fallen trees
  • Fire damage
  • Leaking or collapsed roofs
  • Structural damage

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and storms can lead to an overwhelming amount of claims. Sadly, many of these claims are ultimately closed without any payout. According to an Insurance Journal study, Hurricane Harvey resulted in nearly 670,000 property insurance claims in the state. 28 percent of those claims were closed without a loss payment.

Burst Pipes Claims

One of the most common claims following a winter storm is from burst pipes due to below-freezing temperatures. A burst pipe can cause flooding, substantial water damage and may make a property uninhabitable until repairs can be made. In most cases, water damage resulting from a burst pipe is covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy; however, there could be fine-print limitations.

An insurance company may also try to deny or limit coverage, arguing that the policyholder failed to take preventative measures or mitigate losses. Having your claim denied after surviving a deadly winter storm is wrong. Let our Houston property damage claim lawyers review your case and help determine whether you are being fully compensated for your losses.

The Insurance Council of Texas believes that the February 2021 Texas Winter Storm will be unlike any other and may end up the “largest insurance claim event in history.” Frozen and burst water pipes are expected to make up a large portion of the damage.

Flood Damage

After a hurricane, thousands of homeowners are denied coverage, with insurance providers claiming that the property damage resulted from flooding and not the actual hurricane. Much of the flood damage from winter storms is due to burst main and residential water pipes, most of which should be covered.

Typical things that will be covered due to winter storm flood damage caused by burst pipes include costs to repair your “flooring, baseboards, drywall, and paint,” according to CBS 11. Additional coverage may be provided for your personal property and temporary living expenses. It is vital to document all of the damage prior to making any repairs, know your policy, and save your receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Fire and Structural Damage

Tragically, winter storms can also result in fires and complete structural damage. Whether your roof collapsed due to the weight of overnight snow and ice, or a fire rendered your home a total loss, our Houston insurance claim lawyers can help.

We believe that it is wrong to let Texas homeowners who have already been through an absolute nightmare lose even more because an insurance company is unwilling to pay. Our attorneys will review your claim to help determine whether you are entitled to a larger payout.

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We are not afraid to go after the largest insurance companies in the industry. As dedicated trial lawyers, we will not stop until you get the best possible outcome in your case. Call today to get started.