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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Attorney Houston

In cases that involve sexual assault, it’s important to understand Texas state laws that involve your charges. Even if you didn’t commit the crime you’re charged with; you should still be aware of your rights. You will need a hardworking legal advocate from Maverick Ray & Associates aggressively fighting to protect your future throughout the process. There are many degrees of sexual assaults ranging from felony sexual assault/rape to misdemeanor sexual abuse. The degree of the offense and the sentence associated with it depend on the relationship between the two people, the age of the victim and the perpetrator, and the injuries sustained. A sexual assault attorney in Houston can provide the criminal defense representation for those facing sexual assault charges in and around Pasadena. We understand sex crimes in Texas and have a proven track record of success fighting cases for individuals like you.

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Who Can a Sexual Assault Attorney Defend?

A sexual assault attorney in Texas can defend people charged with aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, rape or date rape, statutory rape, or child molestation. Regardless of the criminal charges, these sex crimes are serious offenses that should never be taken lightly. The penalties associated with these crimes can be severe and legal representation from a sexual assault attorney from Maverick Ray & Associates helps to navigate the legal process for you.

How We Approach Sexual Assault Cases

The victims of sexual assault suffer many lasting consequences because of their experience. At our law firm, our team of sexual assault attorneys understands how sensitive these cases can be, so we approach them with care. In order to defend sexual assault cases, it’s imperative that a complete investigation is conducted. The background of the complainant must be investigated too as well as their family dynamics. We also must hear the entire retelling of the experience. We understand that this can be difficult, but it is necessary for us to defend you the best way possible. Our team is trained to investigate thoroughly and to seek out the truth that makes it so that all liable parties responsible pay for their negligence. While the person or persons who committed the sexual assault will be the target of most claims; however, other parties may be liable as well.

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If you’ve been accused of sexual assault or you’ve been a victim of sexual assault, it’s important that you speak to a sexual assault attorney immediately before speaking to the police. Securing skilled criminal defense legal representation from Maverick Ray & Associates helps you to achieve the best possible outcome for your sexual assault case in and around Pasadena. During a free consultation with one of our lawyers, you can discuss your case and have your questions answered. To schedule this consultation today, call our law office at 281-672-8029.