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At Maverick Ray & Associates, our Houston attorneys have handled the full range of criminal defense and personal injury cases including:
Case:Crime Charged:Misdemeanor/ FelonyFacts:Result:
State of Texas v. M.M.Evading Arrest/ Detention w/ VehicleFelonyClient with no criminal history was arrested for not stopping when the officer followed my client’s vehicle trying to detain them for 8 minutes.Dismissed: No Billed
State of Texas v. S.L.PCSFelonyClient caught on officer’s video stuffing cocaine up her genitals after being arrested on open warrants.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.E.DWI 1st OffenderMisdemeanorClient had blood result of .19. Didn’t want probation and Judge placed him on special SWEPT program.4 Days of Picking up Trash FOR HCSO
State of Texas v. A.P.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorClient was arrested after search of friends car yeilded marijuana. Officers found marijuana under client’s license that had fallen out in her friend’s car.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.A.Aggravated Robbery with Deadly Weapon (Two Counts)FelonyClient with extensive criminal history charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. One instance the client pointed a gun at a 13 year old and 14 year old girl and took their money. The other count was for an elderly man whose wallet was taken at gun point.9 Years TDC
State of Texas v. J.K.Organized Retail TheftFelonyClient went into store and took a bunch of items then got caught coming out of the fire exit after hours to the get away car. Client took off running through the store and was eventually apprehended. Client was on probation already.Dismissed
State of Texas v. R.V.Assault-Bodily InjuryMisdemeanorClient with extensive criminal record and two felony cases pending. Pushed a 12 year old to the ground.Time Served
State of Texas v. L.G.Possession of MarijunaFelonyClient with Federal and State criminal history found with over a quarter pound marijuana strapped to his groin area after a pat down search.30 Days County Jail
State of Texas v. J.V.Aggravated AssaultFelonyClient accused of hitting his ex spouse in the head with a pistol and pointing it at her and threatening to kill her.Dismissed
State of Texas v. T.W.PCS w/ Intent to DeliverFelonyClient found with beaker and cocaine after officer smelled odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Prosecution reduced the amount to a 2nd degree and dropped the “with intent to deliver paragraph.”3 Years Deferred Adjudication
State of Texas v. J.V.Aggravated KidnappingFelonyClient forced woman at gun point to get in his vehicle. When the client attempted to escape, client accidentally shot himself in the leg and was arrested at the hospital.Dismissed
State of Texas v. T.T.PCSFelonyClient was victim of illegal search which produced cocaine in his vehicle.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.G.Failure to Stop and Give InfoMisdemeanorClient was charged with the felony version because the other driver was taken to the hospital. Case was set for trial in the felony court and dismissed on the day of trial. It was refiled as a misdemeanor and set for trial again only to be dismissed the day of trial.Dismissed
State of Texas v. C.G.Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly WeaponFelonyClient was arrested for shooting another man in the leg.Dismissed
State of Texas v. A.C.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorClient was arrested for speeding (which is not an arrestable offense) and found marijuana in his pocket. Case dismissed on first court date.Dismissed
State of Texas v. P.S.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorClient admitted to smoking marijuana and having marijuana in his pocket before a pat down search. Dismissed on bad stop.Dismissed
State of Texas v. B.B.PCSMisdemeanorClient caught with some pills and a pistol after being arrested for open warrants.Dismissed
State of Texas v. T.H.TheftMisdemeanorClient with 11 theft convictions.Time Served
State of Texas v. K.F.DWI 1st OffenderMisdemeanorClient tells police he is too drunk and high to do their field sobriety tests and is ready to go to jail.Time Served
State of Texas v. O.D.DWI and Failure to Stop and Give InformationMisdemeanorClient runs into another driver, admits to drinking 18 beers, leaves the scene, police chase him down in his neighborhood, falls down on one leg stand. Blood results .22915 Days County Jail FSGI Dismissed
State of Texas v. K.B.Indecent ExposureMisdemeanorClient accused of masterbating in front of an undercover police officer in memorial park. Jury found client Not Guilty.Not Guilty
State of Texas v. P.S.Aggravated Robbery (Two Counts)FelonyClient with two prior Aggravated Robberies accused of robbing a cell phone store.Dismissed: No Billed
State of Texas v. R.R.TheftMisdemeanorClient accused of stealing checks from the apartment complex’s tenants he worked at.Dismissed
State of Texas v. M.V.Evading Arrest/ Detention w/ VehicleFelonyClient drove off after officer began writing him a ticket.Dismissed: No Billed
State of Texas v. L.G.PCSFelonyClient with extensive criminal history invited officers into his home after his children prank called 911. Officers found cocaine and marijuana in the living room.4 Years TDC
State of Texas v. L.G.Possession of MarijunaFelonyClient found with just under five pounds of marijuana in his house.Dismissed
State of Texas v. A.M.Injury Child Under 15FelonyClient accused of pushing a five year old boy againt a brick wall and cutting open his head.Dismissed
State of Texas v. C.P.Assault-Family MemberMisdemeanorClient accused of hitting his 12 year old stepdaughter while on vacation in Houston.Dismissed
State of Texas v. R.F.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorClient was a victim of a bad stop in which the officers found scales and marijuana after client consented to searching his car.Dismissed
State of Texas v. C.D.Terroristic ThreatMisdemeanorClient accused of threatening to kill a neighbor at her apartment complex.Dismissed
State of Texas v. G.F.PCSMisdemeanorClient found with a pipe containing residue from methamphetamine.Dismissed
State of Texas v. G.F.Possession of Dangerous DrugMisdemeanorClient found with prescription medication in her purse with no prescription.Dismissed
State of Texas v. K.H.TheftMisdemeanorClient caught putting items in Wal Mart bags she brought to the store and then trying to leave without paying.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.M.DWI 1st OffenderMisdemeanorClient had .27 blood result and admits to drinking several pints of vodka, performs poorly on FSTs.Time Served
State of Texas v. L.D.Evading Arrest/ Detention w/ VehicleFelonyClient led Federal Marshalls and local police on a 20 minute chase.Dismissed
State of Texas v. I.S.PCS (2 counts) and Probation ViolationFelonyClient charged two PCS cases while on probation for PCS.9 Months State Jail
State of Texas v. J.G.Accident Involving InjuryFelonyClient involved in hit and run where other driver was injured.Dismissed
State of Texas v. L.G.Felon in Possession of WeaponFelonyClient found with a magazine clip after he ditched the pistol when police were trying to arrest him.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.B.PCSFelonyClient found with cocaine after an inventory search of his vehicle.Dismissed
State of Texas v. J.H.Attempt PCS by FraudFelonyClient was a true habitual looking at a minimum of 25 years in prison.6 year Deferred Adjudication
State of Texas v. L.M.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorOfficers smelled strong odor of marijuana. Client was the driver. Client consented to the search. Officers found marijuana in her vehicle and arrested my client, contacted CPS, and took her dog to the pound.Dismissed
State of Texas v. P.N.Manufacture and/or Delivered CSFelonyClient caught selling LSD to an undercover officer at a club.Dismissed
State of Texas v. P.S.Possession of MarijunaMisdemeanorClient victim of a bad inventory search in which officers found marijuanaDismissed
State of Texas v. M.B.Violent Sexually Oriented EnterpriseMisdemeanorClient accused of performing strip tease to under cover officers.Dismissed
State of Texas v. M.J.Possession of Dangerous DrugMisdemeanorJury acquitted client even after officer said he saw my client drop the drugs in the school bathroom after a hand to hand drug transaction.Not Guilty
State of Texas v. R.V.Burglary of Vehicle, Theft, Possession of Marijuana, Probation Violation, & DWIMisdemeanorClient charged with several cases while on probation and bond.175 Days Harris County Jail
State of Texas v. G.S.Burglary of Habitation, Felon in Possession of WeaponFelonyClient charged 25 years to life because of priors and charged with felon with a weapon case while on bond for the Burglary.4 Years TDC
State of Texas v. J.B.Theft < $20,000FelonyClient accused of purchasing a $19,000 stolen wedding ring for $200.Dismissed
State of Texas v. D.L.Burglary of a BuildingFelonyClient caught inside a pharmacy building at 2:00 am trying to knock down a wall. Criminal history included two burglary of a buildings, two thefts, assault family member, delivery of controlled substance, PCS, deadly conduct, and two evading arrest.6 Months State Jail
State of Texas v. J.S.Aggravated Sexual Assault of a ChildFelonyClient (47) accused of having sex with a 8 year old girl.Not Guilty
State of Texas v. J.R.PCSFelonyClient accused of dropping an orange baggie by his feet filled with cocaine during a police raid of a bar.Dismissed
State of Texas v. B.P.TheftMisdemeanorClient accused of stealing from Wal Mart.Mistrial
State of Texas v. N.R.DWIMisdemeanorClient arrested for DWI with blood results at .09. Case was set for trial and dismissed after jury selection.Dismissed
State of Texas v. R.F.AssaultMisdemeanorClient accused of assaulting a security guard at a local mall.Dismissed
State of Texas v. K.W.Aggravated Robbery with Deadly WeaponFelonyClient accused of robbing a female and her boyfriend. Client had two prior aggravated robberies and was on parole.Time Served