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When it comes to DUIs, the facts in your case do matter. It isn’t illegal to drink and drive – it only becomes illegal to drive if one is intoxicated (or driving above with a BAC of .08 or above). Field sobriety tests are used to help an officer to determine whether or not someone is intoxicated by measuring your BAC level. These tests are severely flawed and a DWI/DUI defense attorney from the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC can represent you during these instances. A skilled DUI defense lawyer can expose inconsistencies with tests, the care, machines, storage, or analysis of your tests to defend your DUI/DWI case in Pasadena, Texas.

Our DWI Attorney Team Understands the Legal Process

When it comes to DWI in Houston, Texas; it is an opinion crime meaning that it is the officer’s opinion that will determine whether someone is charged. If he believes that you were intoxicated or isn’t sure, then you can and will be arrested for DWI in Texas. If you’ve been charged with DWI, you should contact a Texas lawyer immediately.

We will gather evidence and determine whether or not a plea negotiation is valid for your case. If you had blood taken, it could take several months for the results to come in. A good DUI defense attorney will wait for these results before making any decisions on the case. Once we have gathered all of the evidence, we can evaluate your case and decide whether it is best to work it out without trial or to go to trial in South Texas.

Drug-Related DUIs

In the state of Texas, it is illegal to drive or operate a motor vehicle if you are under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. An individual can even be charged with DWI after taking prescription drugs. DWI is defined as not having the normal use of mental and physical faculties by reason of alcohol, a drug, controlled substance, or a combination of the two. This means you can not have a drink of alcohol and be charged with DWI in Texas. The most common drugs that drug-related DUIs are caused by are Xanax, Alprazolam, Vicodin, and Ambien. Even drugs that are prescription-based can be included as if they give a warning that they may impair driving then they are illegal to take when driving.

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We at the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC understand how complex these types of cases can be. We can investigate defenses to help reduce or drop charges against you. When you need legal expertise on your side, hire a DUI defense attorney from our team today. In order to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, call our law office today at 281-947-2007.

Houston’s DWI Attorney Understands the Process

One common question my clients always want to know is, how does the process work? If you are charged with a DWI you can expect your case to follow a similar path up until it goes to trial:

  • It is very important you contact a DWI lawyer immediately, as your driving rights can and will be suspended unless an Administrative License Revocation hearing is requested within 15 days of the arrest.
  • In the first few court settings, very little occurs. The attorney signs onto your case, and your case is reset while investigation of the case by both sides begins. As time goes by, more and more evidence is discovered and plea negotiations begin. The attorney will begin watching the scene video and begin issuing subpoenas if needed.
  • If there was blood taken, it will generally take several months for the results to come in. A good DWI attorney usually waits for the blood results to come back before making any decisions on the case. Once all of the evidence has been gathered, the attorneys will evaluate the case and decide whether it is best to proceed to trial or whether the case can be worked out.
  • If the case proceeds for trial it will usually be set for several months into the future. As a DWI lawyer, Maverick then works to finalize gathering evidence and developing a plan of attack on the evidence of your case.

Why You Need an Aggressive DWI/DUI Attorney

DWIs are very complex and deal with scientific and technical evidence. You will need a DWI lawyer who not only understands the law on DWI but also who knows how to attack the scientific and technical evidence and expose the flaws in front of the jury.

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