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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Legal Services

Typically, Maverick is available to assist getting your friend or family member a bond as soon as possible. Call today if you need immediate assistance.
Yes Maverick can get bonds even if you, or someone you know, has violated probation. A lawyer will also be needed to speak with the judge to possibly avoid jail time.
Over 1,300 and counting in less than 7 years of practice.
Yes maverick has tried well over 50 jury trials in his young career from misdmeanors to felonies to low level crimes and media cases. Maverick isn’t afraid of a fight if that is what it takes to get the best outcome.
Maverick Ray & Associates handles all types of criminal defense, personal injury, and family law cases. For a full list of case types handled, visit our Practice Areas page.
Yes Maverick handles all types of Federal cases.

It all depends on the facts of the case. The government must prove six different elements beyond a reasonable doubt for conviction:

  • That it was you
  • On a certain date
  • In a certain county
  • That you were operating the vehicle
  • In a public place
  • While you were intoxicated

Your chances of winning hinge on the government’s ability to prove the sixth element. The others are usually obvious. It all comes down to what evidence the government can use to prove you were, in fact, intoxicated. For example, can they show you were driving erratically or do they have DNA evidence (breath or blood test) that supports the theory of a blood alcohol level of .08 or above? These facts will determine your chance of winning. A good lawyer can increase your chance of winning dramatically because a good lawyer will fight for you.

Prices vary on case type and location.  Maverick Ray & Associates rates are affordable and competitve.  Call today for an estimate on your case.

It's never a good idea to represent yourself in court. A prosecutor will always try to get the maximum sentence possible. Hiring a defense attorney can help you get a lower sentence, even if you're planning to plead guilty to your charges.

Yes, you have a constitutional right to have an attorney present when you speak to the police, even if you're not under arrest, and even if the police have not informed you of that right. It is always wise to have an attorney present when you're speaking with the police.

Yes. If there is a warrant for your arrest it is important for you to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible to begin working on your defense strategy.

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