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When it comes to being charged with sex crimes in and around Houston, Texas; it’s important to hire expert legal representation to help protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. Whether sexual assault, solicitation of a minor, child molestation, rape/statutory rape, failure to register as a sex offender, prostitution/solicitation of a prostitute, child pornography possession, or indecency with a child; we have an immense amount of experience fighting cases like yours. These sex offenses in Texas can lead to hefty fines and jail or prison time. However with a Houston sex crimes attorney from the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC; we can help to save your dignity, your future career, and most importantly, your record.

What To Do After Being Charged with Sex Crimes in Texas

After you’ve been charged with a sex crime; it’s important to find legal counsel that has the skills, experience, and resources needed to successfully execute your case. We will sign onto your case in Pasadena and will immediately begin investigating. We will look for evidence and begin negotiations in terms of plea deals. We will determine any possible defenses that may be available too. If you decide to go to trial, you can expect the trial to occur for a series of months. Our team of sex crimes attorneys will prepare your case, finalize a plan, and consult with you every step of the way.

Investigating Possible Sex Crimes Defenses with a Houston Defense Attorney

When it comes to sex crimes convictions, the stakes are high. This is why it is important to have Houston defense attorney from the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC by your side. We have years of experience fighting cases focused on these types of charges. A sex crimes defense attorney from our firm offers skilled and aggressive criminal defense representation to those facing sex crime charges in and around Houston, Texas.

Some of the most common sex crime defenses include but is not limited to:

  • The motivation to lie
  • Tainted evidence
  • Inconsistencies in testimony
  • Delayed outcry
  • Recantation

One of our skilled sex crime attorneys can evaluate defenses such as these and others in order to determine if any apply to your particular sex crimes case in Pasadena.

Allow a Pasadena Sex Crimes Defense Attorney to Fight Your Case

A sex crimes attorney in Texas can investigate the evidence of your case to fight these allegations for you. Don’t become the next victim. It is important to hire an experienced sexual assault attorney from the Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC to represent you when you need legal counsel by your side the most. We have the expertise needed to successfully execute a case as important as yours. In order to schedule a free phone consultation with a Houston sex crimes attorney today, call our law office at 281-947-2007.

Sexual Assault of a Child Defense: An Attorney That Is NOT Afraid

As funding for the Children Assessment Center (Harris County contributes over $10 million annually) continues to grow, more and more men and women are being wrongfully accused of sexual abuse. Whether it’s a vendetta from a divorce or a child who has been lead to believe they were sexually abused by these governmental agency social workers, Maverick is ready to fight the toughest of cases: sexual assault of a child.

Maverick has experience in dealing with the experts who testify on these cases. Often the prosecution knows that a child’s testimony is wrought with problems and inconsistencies. This leads to the prosecution bringing in expert witnesses to try and explain away the child’s demeanor, inconsistencies, delayed outcry, or recantation.

The truth is, these so-called experts base their entire testimony on information they have read in journals. The experts’ opinions are flawed across the board because they base their research and testimony on the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CSAAS). This “syndrome” has been the foundation for numerous convictions of innocent men and women. Even the creator of CSAAS has come forth and disclosed the problems with CSAAS and his disdain for it being used to convict individuals of sexual assault. While many states have recognized the problems inherent with using experts to bolster a state’s sexual assault case, Texas still allows these experts.

Don’t become the next victim. It is imperative that you hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer such as Maverick Ray who can show the flaws and use the expert’s literature against them in these cases


Let Houston Defense Attorney Maverick Ray Fight Your Prostitution Case

Whether you were busted by an undercover officer in a massage parlor, strip club, Craigslist, social network, or even on the street, you need Maverick by your side. Prostitution can be a tricky offense, which requires specific evidence of an agreement to perform sexual services. No sexual performance needs to occur for the offense to be completed.

One can often be arrested without an affirmative agreement. Other times, an officer doesn’t have a recording device making it a he said-she said affair. There are even instances where an undercover officer will entrap an individual and convince them to commit the crime they ordinarily would not commit. Whatever the evidence, you need Maverick by your side to fight these allegations.

Usually when an officer is unsuccessful in tricking an individual to agree to performing a sexual act for money, he will still find something wrong and write a citation or arrest the person for a different offense. These offenses generally include: sexually oriented business, massage violations, or solicitation. Maverick also provides representation for these lesser offenses.

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